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For many sexual abuse victims, a civil claim is a step to take meaningful action to eliminate the pain. Criminal authorities may not prosecute claim particularly if they occurred many years ago. If the evidence is sufficient, we accept claims on a contingency fee basis, regardless of when they occurred. Sometimes we are able to located and and use evidence that was overlooked or disregarded by law enforcement. We help victims fight back, obtain fair compensation, and hold the perpetrator or those who allowed the acts to occur to be made accountable. Claims may sometimes be brought for abuse some years after the harmful events. We provide a free initial consultation to review your claim. The accompanying pages explain some of laws and court rulings.

Types of Claims


Howard A. Gutman handled one of the first repressed memory cases, involving a woman who recalled traumatic abuse in a foster home many years before. He has been in practice for over two decades and on Good Day New York and been interviewed by NBC Nightly News. Cases have been covered by the Associated Press, New York Times, Newsday, and the Star Ledger. Before opening his practice, he was previously employed by one of the leading law firms in New Jersey and a prominent international law firm located in the Wall Street area.


Howard A. Gutman has been in practice for over 20 years handling personal injury and other types of claims. He has appeared on the Good Day New York television show, and the Washington Press Club. He was the plaintiff's attorney in one of the first New Jersey cases dealing with repressed memories and statute of limitations for abuse claims.


We offer a free initial telephone consultation to discuss your case. A female nurse is available to speak directly to clients or be present during sensitive discussions. Please feel free to call or e-mail our office. Our cases are handled on contingency with legal fees taken from the settlement or judgment.