Sexual assault may cause short-term trauma and long-term dysfunction.  Counseling and psychological treatment is generally recommended.  Consequences may include initial trauma, stimatization, betryayal and powerlessness.  See Kinnear, Childhood Sexual Abuse: A Reference Handbook‎ - While criminal predators were thought to commit crimes, many offenses involve those a child knows and trusts.  See Burgess, Sexual Assault of Children and Adolescents.  Criminal laws provide punishment and civil remedies are available. Common perpetrators can include  family members,  close friends, day care workers, school coaches, religious officials and those with ongoing supervision. Claims may be filed against the perpetrators, the facilities at which the assult was located, and those with supervisory or security responsibilities.

Statute of Limitations

Claims may sometimes be filed well after the event occurred because of the lingering impact of abuse.
extending statute of limitations for sexual abuse  


Books and Resources

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Statute of Limitations and Sexual Abuse

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